Creating a world
of collaboration

At Aleda we work with leaders of industry, sport, education and the arts.
We work with empowering leaders to create a world of collaboration by bringing these sectors together to help shift leadership, management and wellbeing globally.
We do this by supporting people to learn, lead and collaborate.

Who We've Worked With

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The LeadLearn Cycle

At Aleda, we believe the key to being a successful leader is to never stop learning. We work with leaders, coaches, and educators to hone your leadership skills to the benefit of the people and teams you manage.  

As a leader, so much of your energy is spent helping others succeed. Aleda turns this focus back on you, using collaboration and reflective practice to boost skills and strengthen leadership capabilities.

Collaborative Learning

Our Aleda coach works in collaboration with you for the best chance of success.

Reflective Practice

We’ll help you to learn and grow into a more self-reflective leader by encouraging and challenging you throughout the process.

Measurable Growth

We’ll help you to identify focus areas and interventions that can positively impact your environment, testing, measuring and refining as we go to ensure success.

The Leadlearn

It’s definitely got benefits as far as high performance systems go.
Steve Hocking
Head of Football Operations, AFL

What's happening?

The latest events and updates from Aleda

Celebrating 100 Podcast Episodes

Celebrating Luke Darcy on his 100th episode of the Empowering Leaders Podcast! Such a fantastic milestone with so many incredible conversations with some amazing people. The Empowering Leaders Podcast has been running for almost 2 years and the 100th episode went live today. Here's to the next 100 Luke, Well done!
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Learn an essential leadership skill with Aleda Meditation

The science is in. Meditation is one of the best things we can do for our wellbeing with benefits such as reducing anxiety, increasing energy, improving sleep quality, and many more! Our programs are starting every month ensuring as many people as possible can learn this crucial skill.
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Aleda connects world’s coaches

'For an hour-and-a-quarter each week, leading coaches from around the world are having group therapy sessions via Zoom, solving the problems of the world and hopefully theirs at the same time.'
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Leadership program for Ahrens Group

In 2022, in collaboration with AFL Max, our teams have been facilitating a leadership program for 56 of Ahrens Group senior leaders across their various business divisions.
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